WHMCS Hook + Slack Notification


WHMCS is a billing system software that is widely used by web hosting companies in the world. We have been using WHMCS since November 2013 for SaaS (Software as a Service) billing system. We create our own provisioning module for WHMCS, so we can issue new license and renew existing license automatically.


Slack is a messaging app for team. We have been using Slack since 2014. Slack provide an API that can be used to make a wide range of applications and integration. I’ve found that Slack’s Incoming Webhooks API is very useful. This API enable us to receive incoming messages from external sources to Slack channel or username. It can be useful to receive alerts from WHMCS for such events.

So i create this whmcs-hook-slack to receive alert from ‘TicketOpen’ and ‘TicketUserReply’ events. When our customer opens new ticket or reply a ticket, WHMCS send notifications to our slack channel or username. This hooks very helpful to increase response time and resolve time as well.

If you interested to use this hook, please check the repo here. I hope it useful for more people.